the world - erica schreiner


the world is collection of vhs stills from the extensive body of performance and video works of erica schreiner. this zine creates a new story from erica's works by reinterpreting out of context stills. the stills also shine a light on her elaborate and dreamy hand-made sets and the sharp consideration of composition and detail seen in her films.

erica schreiner is an experimental video and performance artist based in new york city. erica shoots on vhs while performing before the camera. she creates allegorical, surreal, ethereal video art that combines feminist and anarchistic themes, ritual, sensuality and sorcery. manipulating existing objects, or building sets to perform in and film, erica creates magical, intimate worlds on vhs video, employing her clearly defined style. see more:

36 pages. 5.25 x 7. saddle-stitched, top bound. 32lb glossy paper.